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Who we are:

Moon Group Company, a licensed and recognized entity by the official authorities in both the Cypriot and Turkish states, operates in the fields of education, tourism, and real estate development. Our company boasts a seasoned team of experienced professionals, making us one of the largest and most popular consultancy firms in the region. Our motto has always been and will continue to be: “Your achievement of your goal is our greatest aim.”

Our Vision:

We believe that nations progress and individuals thrive through knowledge. Contemporary life has shown us the importance of knowledge in bridging distances, developing communication methods, and in everything that benefits humanity. Our vision is rooted in the belief that knowledge has been and will remain the sole path to the renaissance of nations and the best guide for future generations towards a brighter future.

Our Goals as an Academic Entrepreneurial Team:

Our goals include caring for and elevating the education sector within society to contribute to global development and adapt to financial changes. We aim to be the trusted advisors for every student, helping them achieve their goals by providing comprehensive plans built on our extensive experience, continuous study, and planning in the field of academic education.

Our Mission:

Our mission is that knowledge is the path to our goals. Through knowledge, we overcome ignorance and poverty, combat diseases, and resist darkness. We are here to be the bridge that helps students reach their goals, alleviates their challenges, and becomes a companion on their journey toward excellence and success.

advantages of Moon Groups for progress
  1. Expert Guidance: Moon Groups offers expert guidance and support to individuals seeking educational opportunities, tourism experiences, and real estate ventures. With a seasoned team of professionals, clients benefit from tailored advice and strategies to achieve their goals effectively.

  2. Comprehensive Services: Whether it’s assistance with university admissions, tourism arrangements, or real estate investments, Moon Groups provides comprehensive services to meet diverse needs. Clients can rely on a single source for all their requirements, streamlining their progress towards success.

  3. Trusted Reputation: With recognition and licensing from official authorities in Cyprus and Turkey, Moon Groups has built a trusted reputation in the industry. Clients can have confidence in the company’s integrity, reliability, and commitment to delivering exceptional results.

  4. Innovative Approach: Moon Groups adopts an innovative approach to address evolving needs and challenges in education, tourism, and real estate. By staying abreast of industry trends and leveraging technology, the company continually enhances its services to facilitate progress for clients.

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